Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It's a....

We're having a little Girl!!! It was a crazy day and a crazy appointment, but after 20 minutes of mashing on me and waiting for her to move her legs we finally got the "money shot". I know that's gross. :)
When we left our last appointment Dr. Stradtman told us that we would go straight to the ultra sound room next time. Well, when we walked in for the ultra sound they informed us that we didn't have an appointment and that they weren't supposed to do then until 20 weeks ( I was 19). After composing myself to keep from strangling the lady behind the desk, I asked how we could get the problem resolved. After 20 minutes of them not knowing what to do, they took us back to see if they could see anything.
Little Miss Priss was kicking, flipping, and punching! I still can't feel her so it was odd to see it on the big screen. Matt kept saying, " you can't feel that?!". Even though her little legs were just a goin', she was being a little lady and keeping them together. The tech kept pushing on me and finally she kicked one of her legs out and we got the picture. 100% Girl!
We are so excited. We haven't completely settled on a name yet but we'll let you know when we do.
Oh yeah. I also have a bladder infection. I've never had anything like that before but it wasn't very bad. I'm not on a 'prostitue strength' dose of pennicilin! If it makes me better it's worth it.
Have a great week!


Monday, November 16, 2009

Happy and Sad

We've been crazy busy the past couple of months, but here is an update. In about 2 hours we should know whether we're having a boy or a girl! I'm so excited about it and I can't wait for the appointment. We had our Tablescapes event at church a few weeks ago, We've been having extra choir practices every Thursday night for our dinner theatre, and we spent this weekend at church helping with our youth conference- The Gathering. We've had an awesome time at all of these events, but it will be nice to be home tonight! The Gathering was AWESOME as always and we had a blast. Mike Satterfield did a wonderful job speaking and Echoing Angels and Rush of Fools gave us a great concert. We are blessed to have such a great group of kids! I was exhausted, especially after our service project. We went to all the Moody and St. Clair schools and disinfected them for the teachers. I hope everyone appreciates what our kids did for them. So, we had a great weekend.
I found out this morning that one of my best friends lost her grandmother this weekend. I feel so badly for them having to go through this again but I know Jon Jon is in a better place now and won't be in any pain. It's still going to be hard for everyone here, but she's having a Great day today! Please pray for the Poe family.
It's been crazy at work as well. Our agency was bought out by the Memphis office and they laid-off everyone but me and one other lady. This includes my sister. You may be thinking, " hasn't Steph worked there for 5 years and actually got you this job?". You would be right. But don't worry about her. She is working things out with her boss and will probably get to stay and work for him which is a better deal for her anyway. Thursday was rough, needless to say, and even though my job was safe it was horrible being here when other people were losing their jobs. Some of these women had worked here for 25 years! But I know everything will be ok.
I hope everyone out there is doing good. Hopefully I'll be able to let you all know about the baby today or tomorrow.

Talk to you then!