Monday, January 18, 2010

It's all I can do...

just to keep my eyes open today. I feel like I'm in college again. Since my major required hours of sitting at a computer staring at blue prints, my eyes would get very tired and my eyelids would jump for weeks at a time. I'm there today. I've always had trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. Thanks to pregnancy, I can FALL asleep anywhere. I just still have the trouble with STAYING that way. I wake up constantly on my back- which I know isn't good. I guess God's just getting me used to all the sleepless nights ahead.

We went to Atlanta this weekend to see Stuart and Teresa. We had a great time and got to go play at Lenox Square mall. As we were walking, I looked at my hands and they looked like I had hot dogs for fingers! That was my first swelling experience so far. It took about an hour for my rings to finally come off and I don't plan to put them back on for fear of having to cut them off. And when I say cut 'them' I mean my fingers because there's no way I'm cutting my wedding rings! I would be devestated!

General question...why do some older men have to be disgusting, sexist, rude, condescending pigs? Just wondering. It's been very rough around our office lately. Since we now have 3 people doing the work of 10. Luckily, my two co-workers and I work very well together. Otherwise, I'd go crazy.

We plan on getting some things done for the nursery this week. I know some of you can't beleive it hasn't been done for months, but we haven't had much time. I'm struggling with bedding. I really like what I've chosen, but I don't LOVE it. My mom has offered to make Anna's bedding, like she did Ava's. Ava's was great, but I know it's such a hassle. Plus, I don't really have time to go look at fabric. I guess I better decide soon since Matt wants to paint this weekend! :)

Well, guess I'll go now. Hope everyone is doing great and has a great week!

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