Monday, February 15, 2010

Little Miss Priss

Anna has decided that this pregnancy has been too easy for me. So she's shaking things up now! Nothing too major. We went to the doctor last Friday ( I was supposed to be there Wednesday and got the days confused) for a quick, standard appointment. We were seeing Dr. Favor that day since Dr. Stradtman likes for you to see a few different doctors in the practice. She measured my belly and said it was a little big and ordered an ultra sound. The ultra sound showed that she weighs 5.5 lbs and is measuring about 4 weeks ahead of schedule! Also, I have too much amniotic fluid. I don't know anyone whose had this problem since most of my friends had the opposite problem. Did I mention that she's alos breech! Just to be safe they hooked us up to a fetal monitor for a while. The snow started about then. Everything looked fine. They booked me to come in Monday to see Dr. Stradtman.
Dr. Stradtman isn't very concerened with ultra sound results. They can 'be off a little' and aren't 100% accurate. She said that the fluid usually causes pre-term birth. However, it may allow her to turn before I go into labor so that I won't have to have a C section. I read today that turning isn't usually an option. Even if the baby turns, they usually turn again since they're just floating around in there. So I may have a C section, which doesn't really bother me much. They hooked me up to the fetal monitor again and everything looks good. She HATES the fetal monitor. Both times she gets right up under that ultra sound paddle and starts punching/kicking the crap out of it. The nurses laugh because she's sooooo mobile all the time. She acted up the whole time and I told Matt that she has to be a red-head! Oh yeah, the ultra sound showed that she has a good bit of hair! Now we just wait to see what color! Dr. Stradtman acted like the fluid thing isn't too big a deal. She said I'll just be completely miserable from here on. Since she's big and I'm completely full of fluid, breathing will be even more difficult. I already sound, and look, like an old lady when I climb stairs and get out of a car! :)
The nursery is finished!!!!! Well, I need some decorative things, but she could come home today and have a fun room. That makes me feel so much better. Stuart and Teresa got our glider for us and brought it over Sunday! It's beautiful! It's a recliner/glider and looks like something that should be in the living room. I can't wait to use it.
We had a good Valentine's day. We didn't really do anything special. Went to church, got our chair, went back to church for our Valentine's banquet, etc. We had nursery last night and I discovered that I have new respect for pregnant moms of small children! It was so hard to give Easton his bottle and hold Will! The belly is getting VERY big now and it definitely made things difficult.
Sorry this is so long. A lot has happened and I haven't had much time to write about it. We're getting very excited and can't wait for our baby showers!

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  1. Don't sweat the c-section. I was up and driving myself around in 2 biggie. You'll do great if you have to have one. It'll just give Matt a few more responsibilities like lifting laundry, groceries, pumpkin seats etc;) It'll be good for him. I can't wait to see her! I hope she does have red hair!!!!