Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Still Here.

Well, I'm still here. Our internet at home has been odd lately and there are probably going to be layoffs at work, so I figured blogging wouldn't be a good idea for a while. Not much is going on with us. Just work, church, family, football. We went back to the doctor Monday and all is well. I was hoping for an ultrasound, but wasn't that lucky. We'll find out November 16 at our next appointment. I'm really excited to finally know. I have to admit, this pregnancy has flown by very quickly so far. I'm sure I'll feel differently toward the end but so far, so good.

The company my sister and I work for has been "aquired" by our Memphis office. Not a big deal for our agents and their clients, but they may decide they don't need any staff people here in Birmingham. Now we just wait and, for some reason, gossip. I cannot stand it when people almost twice my age act like kids. Some people don't understand how we can work with our youth and not go crazy. But I'd rather deal with 14 year olds who act like 14 year olds than 50 year olds who act like 14 year olds. Enough of that. I'll keep you updated.

One of these days I'll get a fun background and upload pics, but I haven't really had time. I've only done 1 belly pic which was the week we found out we were expecting. I know I need to do more. Be patient. :) I'm gaining lots of weight like a good pregger. I gained 10 pounds the first trimester and 8 in this last month! Dr. Stradtman still says not to worry. I was never sick so I've just been hungry. I'm sure I'll be huge like everyone else in my family.

Hope everyone is good. We've got choir tonight- yeah Christmas music!!!!- and then nothing much until we get together with a few people to watch LSU STOMP us Saturday night. :) Still great to be an Auburn Tiger. Have a great weekend everyone.

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